11 Gifts Serious Bitcoin Holders Owe Themselves in 2018

We asked a hardcore crypto guy to suggest products he recommends fellow holders. And we’re currently expanding the list with additional recommendations from r/bitcoin members. Here they are:

Security Safe
Don’t risk everything you’ve earned by keeping your wallet unsecured. Whether theft, fires flooding or other disasters, you want to make sure your investment in totally secure. We recommend this pry-resistant, solid steel case with programmable digital access and two overwide keys.
Mastering Bitcoin
You’ll have a leg up on 99% of Bitcoin owners after finishing this top-rated guide (91% of readers give it 5 stars), covering both the fundamentals, complexities and new frontiers such as Payment Channels and the Lightening Network. Knowledge is power!
It’s 2018 and it’s no longer cool to advertise the Bitcoin brand like it’s some kind of as-seen-on-TV get rich quick junk. Serious holders know it’s not about the name, but about the subtle art of HODL. This super soft tee is the perfect way to signal your sophistication to follow holders, while keeping others guessing.
$15.98 USD
$15.98 USD
The Trezor One is the next generation version of the popular Trezor wallet. Improvements include security enhancements that will help keep your investment safe. Recommended over the Ledger.
$99.99 USD
$99.99 USD
Leave nothing to chance with this Cryptosteel digital wallet backup. Compatible with Trezor, Ledger Nano S and more. Thanks to bitBBQ on Reddit for the idea.
$99.00 USD
$109.90 USD
Crypto Price Ticker
A fun (and practical) decoration for your home or secret crypto cave, this price ticket shows real time prices from your choice of ten different coins at a time.
Enjoy the Ride Tee
This tee says it all: enjoy the ride. A great mantra to keep your sanity at all times.
Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit
Don’t just hold, mine! Get started down the mining path with this top-rated Raspberry Pi kit that includes everything you need to start minting digital coins.
Give your crypto friends a laugh with this funny tee. Thanks to mrandrew17 on Reddit for the idea.
$19.99 USD
$19.99 USD
For the next dip 😉 Credit to -Claymore- on Reddit.
$37.99 USD
$37.98 USD

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