11 Graduation Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Love (+What to Avoid)

Looking for just the right graduation gift idea for your boyfriend? We researched over 500 gift options and narrowed them down to 11 top picks for every type of boyfriend – all under $50. Whether he’s graduating from high school or law school, we have something for your unique guy.

Jar of Hershey kisses – If he’s moving away but you think he’s a keeper, give him a jar of special Hershey kisses labeled “kisses from [your name]”. Each time he eats one, he’ll think of you. We recommend this extra special set of quality dark Kisses.

List Price: $19.99 USD
Sale Price: $19.99 USD

Long distance letters – Planning a serious long distance relationship? Consider this jar full of fun notes he can open when he’s missing you. It contains 31 lovey messages such as “I’ll always be here for you” and “I love you the way you are.” Mix in some Hershey kisses too!

List Price: $34.95 USD
Sale Price: $34.95 USD

Scrapbook/Photo album – If you’ve found your soulmate and nothing is going to keep you apart, consider a scrapbook with photos commemorating all your fun adventures, dances, etc. We love this Up-themed photo book for its fun vibe and positive message.

List Price: $12.99 USD
Sale Price: $12.99 USD

I love you picture frame – Have the perfect photo of you two together? Get it printed and put it in this quality frame that expresses how much you love him.

List Price: $19.95 USD
Sale Price: $19.95 USD

Leather toiletry bag – Keep your boyfriend organized with this high quality leather toiletry bag. Use your imagination and put some fun presents inside for him.

List Price: $69.99 USD
Sale Price: $39.99 USD

Emergency snack kit – If your boyfriend is heading off to another college and you’re not sure you’ll remain together, consider a fun gift such as this emergency snack kit. He’ll appreciate your sense of humor and it won’t make you seem too clingy. In this situation, we’d avoid giving promise bracelets or the like.

List Price: $22.99 USD
Sale Price: $22.99 USD

I pick you guitar pick – If your graduating boyfriend plays the guitar, or if he just happens to love music, you must get him this sweet guitar pick he’ll always remember you by when jamming out. See our full list of gift ideas for guitar players.

List Price: $12.96 USD
Sale Price: $12.96 USD

Personalized humor book by profession – Looking for a unique, personalized gift idea for your boyfriend graduating from college? These booklets from Unconditional Rosie are designed for 12 different professions ranging from accounting to physical therapy. A great way to show how much you care about his new career.

List Price: $19.99 USD
Sale Price: $14.99 USD

Engraved Watch – While most watches with engravings will cost you upwards of $100, this quality bamboo watch allow to print any short message on the back at a great price. A great keepsake graduation gift idea and he’ll appreciate the personal touch.

Sale Price: $29.99 USD

Lawyer Cuff Links – If your boyfriend is graduating from law school, consider this fun pair of cuff links that say “keep calm, I’m a lawyer.” A subtle way to show him you’re the calming influence in his life. Check out our full list of law school graduation ideas.

List Price: $34.99 USD
Sale Price: $24.99 USD

Cargo Pants Scrubs – For your graduating med school student boyfriend, consider a nice pair of scrubs with cargo pants pockets. He’ll appreciate this practical gift. Consider filling the pockets with fun things. See our full list of med school graduation ideas..

List Price: $18.99 USD
Sale Price: $18.98 USD

What should you avoid giving your boyfriend for graduation? We recommend avoiding rings. This is his graduation, not time for you to propose to him. That can wait a few months!