8 Gifts Ideas Your Band Director Will Love

Looking for the perfect gift for your school band director/conductor? This isn’t an easy job and it’s important to show appreciation for all the hard work. We’ve identified 8 gifts that are sure to make your favorite musician feel loved.

1. Gift card – Chances are your band director has received many music-themed gifts over the years, from batons to treble clef cuff links. Have you considered that he or she has “seen it all” and would really prefer to buy something nice with greater flexibility? Especially if your conductor is a bit older, a gift card may be the right choice.

2. Massage pillow – Wrangling hundreds of kids on their instruments is not only mentally stressful, but can have psychical repercussions as well. Show your director that you care about his or her relaxation with a massage pillow.

3. Mickey Mouse sorcerer’s apprentice hat – If your director has a sense of humor, as most do, he or she will get a kick out of this sorcerer’s apprentice hat. Put it on at a concert and the audience will go wild – especially if you’re playing some Fantasia-themed music.

4. Book: The Marching Band Nerds handbook
Learn the ins and outs of surviving life in a marching band, humorously told with fun anecdotes and inside jokes. Your director will get a kick out of that fact you’re giving this to him or her!

5. Poster: World map of musical instruments – Does his or her world revolve around music? Fun for the office or home, we recommend this poster featuring musical instruments shaped into the continents of the world. It even features some strings!

6. Musical tea/coffee mug – Sometimes things get chaotic in the band room. Stuff gets thrown. Things spill. Don’t let that happen to your director’s hot coffee or tea, with this music-themed mug that’s also great for the car.

7. Music teaching white board –
Does your director ever try to draw our musical notation on a white or chalk board? Do things get messy or disorganized? If so, an extra-large magnetic teaching board is just what he or she needs. It also includes piano keys.

8. Beware of the band director hat – If your band director is like most, he or she has a forceful personality that might require some extra warning – especially around marching season. Don’t let others get in the way of a band director on a mission. Get him or her this hat that alerts others in advance of impending bombast.

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