7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Older Dads (60+)

Is your dad too old for Father’s Day ties and tool sets? You’ve come to the right place. For retired and senior dads who’ve seen it all, we came up with 7 great gift ideas to make their Father’s Day unique and special.

Beer Soap – This attractive handmade soap is has a subtle and clean masculine scent. Beer contains polyphenols which help to soothe tired skin. Imported from France. A classy gift for a refined, mature father.

List Price: $13.90 USD
Sale Price: $12.50 USD

Father’s Day Sudoku – For dads with some extra time on their hands, consider this Sudoku book with 200 puzzles to keep him entertained and busy for days. If he’s newer to Sudoku, the book includes solutions at the back to help him get going.

List Price: $7.99 USD
Sale Price: $7.99 USD

Golf Gift Basket – If he’s an avid golfer, look no further than this awesome “tee box” gift basket inside a mini golf bag. Comes with a variety of tasty snacks as well as 6 practice golf balls.

“Love you more than you love fishing” hook – For dad’s who love to fish, this is the perfect way to say how much you love him. Comes in a quality box to present it in.

List Price: $15.96 USD
Sale Price: $15.96 USD

Grilling Spice Gift Set – A great variety pack of grilling spices for dad! From southwest to citrus, all your father’s grill needs will be satisfied. If he’s getting up in years, this could be a great father-son combined activity.

List Price: $24.99 USD
Sale Price: $24.99 USD

Cheese and Meat Gift Box – This robust collection of meats, nuts and cheeses is the perfect gift for your “foodie” father. From Old Hickory cheese to basil pretzel nuggets, he’ll have his pick of tasty treats. Also great for entertaining.

“Great Dads Get Promoted to Grandpas” t-shirt – The perfect combined idea for both a dad and grandfather, this t-shirt is a great way to show him how important he is to the family. He’s likely to get many compliments from strangers while wearing this. Made from soft, quality fabric and available in 6 different colors.

List Price: $11.95 USD
Sale Price: $11.95 USD

Classic Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer – This classic root beer will bring back memories especially for boomer dads. First developed in the 1930s in Chicago, Dad’s become an American icon with its bold blue, red and yellow colors. Still using the original recipe, you can give your dad a sweet taste of his childhood for Father’s Day. Available on Amazon in Big Daddy size. Read more about the history of Dad’s here.

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