12 Relaxing Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers

Yoga is an ancient art originating in India. Through a series of gentle but powerful poses, yoga helps to achieve strength, flexibility, and balance of body and mind. Yoga is for all ages and levels of fitness and is popular for relaxation as well as toning muscle groups. These gifts are suitable for yoga lovers as well as potential yoga lovers or those who need some peace and relaxation in their lives.

1. A Little Yoga and Green Tea gift basket

The yoga gift basket is a gorgeous, gift-wrapped retreat. Including a fully illustrated Yoga book as well as an instructional DVD, this is an ideal gift for beginners as well as seasoned stretchers. In this package you’ll also find green tea, soap, salts and fizzies, exfoliating glove, a bath pillow and candles, perfect for a spa at home.

List Price: $84.99 USD
Sale Price: $84.99 USD

2. Bloomfield Copper Flower Tabletop Fountain

Feng Shui experts recommend the sound of trickling water in the bedroom for a good night’s rest. This Copper Flower Tabletop Fountain does just that as well as being a decorative item that will match any décor. Not just for the bedroom but wherever some calm is needed – office, living room, study.

List Price: $49.99 USD
Sale Price: $44.95 USD

3. Yoga Strap

Add another dimension to your daily yoga routine with this flexible yoga strap. You’ll be able to achieve poses you only dreamed of before. A great way to increase flexibility safely. This model gets a perfect 5 star rating from customers.

List Price: $7.99 USD
Sale Price: $6.48 USD

4. Health Mark Swiss Ball Chair

If you have problems with back and neck pain from spending too many hours at a desk the Health Mark Swiss Ball Chair may provide welcome relief by promoting good posture, as well as strengthening abs and back. The chair has four lockable caster wheels for easy movement around the office and the ball is removable for use as a standard exercise ball.

5. Manduka Go Free Yoga Backpack

The sturdy Manduka Go Free Yoga Backpack is perfect for those of us who fit their yoga in before or after work or at lunchtime. The bag has a place for mats of all sizes, a padded laptop pocket and a separate pocket for your personal essentials whilst also fitting in a change of clothes and a water bottle. The bag is weather and water resistant with ventilation air mesh panels.

6. Music for Meditation

Available in digital or CD format, Roger Shah’s music will delight any yoga lover. Titles such as Quiet Your Mind, Enlightenment, and Inner Peace promise music that will take the listener to a world of relaxation and tranquility.

Sale Price: $11.69 USD
Used From: $8.96 USD

7. Glass Teapot with Infuser w/ 12 Flowering Teas

This delightful gift set is packaged with a gift canister of 12 flowering teas in a refreshing green tea with jasmine flavour and a glass teapot enabling you to see the full effect of the flowers as they unfurl their petals in the water. Each flower can be used 3 times in 24 hours, making up to 15 cups of tea. A stunning way to create a tea ritual in your everyday life.

List Price: $19.99 USD
Sale Price: $18.02 USD

8. Yoga Towel

Chances are your yoga lover has a mat, but what about a yoga towel? Perfect for hot yoga or pilates, this non-stick towel wins top marks from customers. Never slip on your sweaty yoga mat again.

List Price: $24.00 USD
Sale Price: $19.95 USD

9. Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It

Eat, Pray, Love has become a phenomenal best-selling memoir, inspiring millions to follow their heart and find their path in the world. In Eat, Pray, Love Made Me Do It, read about some of these transformations, written by the people who became inspired by the original book and decided to change their lives.

List Price: $16.00 USD
Sale Price: $3.75 USD
Used From: $1.50 USD

10. The Yoga Bible

Find your perfect yoga positions with this top-rated collection of 150 different moves. Including a range of styles, from Astanga to Vinyasa, you’ll become a yoga expert in no time. A great gift for aspiring yoga instructors.

List Price: $21.99 USD
Sale Price: $13.95 USD
Used From: $5.94 USD

11. Yoga Sterling Silver Necklace

This necklace features a lotus design. Made of sterling silver, it will make a treasured gift for a yoga friend, instructor or a special person that is in touch with their spiritual side.

12. Adult Coloring Yoga Poses

Featuring 50 different color-in yoga poses, this book is a fun and relaxing way to learn different positions. With wonderfully detailed shapes, you’ll be creating true works of art that could be gifts in their own right.

List Price: $5.49 USD
Sale Price: $5.49 USD