12 Great Australian Gift Ideas (+1 to Avoid)

These gift ideas cover all ages and represent the quintessential Australia. Do you have a homesick loved one overseas? Are you travelling and want to take a piece of home with you? Let us help you find some great ideas.

Inflatable boxing kangaroo

The boxing kangaroo is the mascot of the Australian Olympic Team but can usually be seen wherever any Australian sporting team is competing around the world. Representing the Aussie fighting spirit, the boxing kangaroo can be found on flags, soft toys and tees but the inflatable boxing kangaroo is the first choice of true Australian supporters.

List Price: $13.95 USD
Sale Price: $13.95 USD

Aboriginal Hand Painted Boomerang

Aborigines have used the boomerang as a hunting tool for thousands of years. It has become a popular souvenir and icon of Australia. Although it is commonly said that a boomerang always comes back, not all boomerangs were designed to return to the thrower – especially when thrown by the untrained!

List Price: $40.95 USD
Sale Price: $40.95 USD

Aussie Classics Gift Box

The Aussie Classics Gift Box is exactly that; a selection of every Australian’s favorite treats from home. Whether for loved ones missing their Tim Tams or as a gift from friends down under, this selection of Australian taste sensations is bound to keep everyone happy.

List Price: $65.00 USD
Sale Price: $65.00 USD

Australia Flag 3×5 ft.

This Australian flag is made to UN specifications, designed to last and to fly proudly. The Union Jack in the top left corner, representing Australia’s connection to the British Commonwealth, ensures the design of the flag and its reflection of modern Australia is periodically the topic of passionate public debate.

List Price: $4.94 USD
Sale Price: $0.01 USD

Australian Flag T-shirt

If you can’t fly your Aussie flag proudly, wear it on your chest! These tees are made of 100% pre-shrunk cotton and printed with high quality inks. Check the size guide before ordering to ensure the stars of your Southern Cross sit in the right place and shine bright.

List Price: $19.00 USD
Sale Price: $19.00 USD

Barmah Hats Kangaroo Wallet

This kangaroo wallet comes gift boxed and is available in black, brown and hickory premium leather that is hard wearing and waterproof. Kangaroo leather is made from wild kangaroos and no two wallets are the same; a unique gift in more ways than one.

List Price: $58.00 USD
Sale Price: $58.00 USD

In a sunburned country, Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson is well known for his humorous travel books and he doesn’t disappoint with this recount of his adventures in Australia. In a Sunburned Country is not your usual travel book though. Bill goes beyond the usual icons and travel destinations to find the Australia that many tourists don’t see.

List Price: $16.99 USD
Sale Price: $4.15 USD

Laema Tournament Leather Australian Rules Ball

Have you ever seen a game of ‘Aussie Rules’ football? The game is played with 18 players on each team, full contact but with no protective gear and a ball similar to a gridiron ball but with rounded ends. Give it a go with this genuine cow hide leather Australian Rules ball.

List Price: $48.65 USD
Sale Price: $48.65 USD

Possum Magic, Mem Fox

Since it was first published in 1983, Possum Magic has sold over three million copies and become a much loved picture book in households around the world. Grandma Poss has made Hush invisible to protect her from danger but what will make her visible again? The beautifully illustrated story follows the two possums on a journey around Australia meeting many native animals and tasting Australian ‘human’ foods.

List Price: $7.99 USD
Sale Price: $3.99 USD


Every Australian is brought up with Vegemite as a staple food. It’s black and it’s salty but it’s eaten on toast for breakfast, fresh white bread sandwiches for lunch and used as a bullion or stock in soups and stews for the evening meal. It is an acquired taste (and should be used sparingly) but along with kangaroos, Sydney Harbour Bridge and the outback, nothing says, ‘Australia’, like Vegemite does.

List Price: $15.42 USD
Sale Price: $13.21 USD

Wooden Australian Animal Nursery Baby Mobile

This gorgeous mobile will bring a bit of Australia to the nursery. Each animal is cut from sustainable Tasmanian Oak, sanded and oiled to a beautiful finish. The pieces are pre-strung and flat packed for easy (and cheap) postage.

List Price: $39.95 USD
Sale Price: $39.95 USD

Koala Pillow Pet “Plush & Plush”

It’s plush, it’s a pillow and it’s a pet. What child (large or small) wouldn’t want to snuggle up to this koala as a pillow or a soft, cuddly toy. Ideal as a decorative item for a bedroom or a practical travel accessory.

Sale Price: $49.99 USD

What gifts should you avoid giving a lover of Australia?

1. Australian movies. They remind us of bad versions of films made elsewhere.