8 Great Gift Ideas for Oil Painters (+2 to Avoid)

Looking for the right gift for an oil painter in your life? We’ve identified 12 gift ideas that are sure to please an artistic soul:

Royal & Langnickel Oil Color Painting Box Set

This box set includes a great collection of brushes and also an assortment of oil-based paint products. Great way to start your painting career or to stock up on supplies. This group comes in a great carrying case and is filled with the perfect paints for the aspiring oil painter and has the potential to create masterpieces.

List Price: $24.62 USD
Sale Price: $24.62 USD

The Oil Painting Course You’ve Always Wanted: Guided Lessons for Beginners and Experienced Artists

Color mixing, still life, landscapes, portraits – this book covers not just a wide spectrum but important details within each category that can help turn a good painter into a great one.

List Price: $24.95 USD
Sale Price: $14.54 USD

Artists’ Oil Colour Introductory Set

This is a great oil painting kit for the person that is new to the classic art medium. All you need to get started on your oil projects and create your own master works.

List Price: $65.82 USD
Sale Price: $59.99 USD

Langnickel Easel Artist Set

Oil paint has always been the medium of the famous masters. This 104 piece set will give you the tools and paint to create your own master work. The package also includes an easel to allow you to paint anything and anywhere in town.

List Price: $60.55 USD
Sale Price: $58.16 USD

Color Mixing Bible

Everything you wanted to know about color mixing in one book. One practical benefit of learning the techniques outlined in this book is cost savings. Don’t waste paint, get it right the first time.

List Price: $24.95 USD
Sale Price: $12.93 USD

Van Gogh Starry Night Umbrella

Don’t let a rainy day get your oil painter down with this beautiful Vincent van Gogh umbrella. Well made with lovely vivid color. This maker has several other styles to choose from.

List Price: $21.99 USD
Sale Price: $16.99 USD

Starry Night Pendant “I dream my painting & I paint my dream.”

Starry night is probably the most famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh and this pendant is a great representation of that great piece. Makes for a wonderful conversation with fellow oil based art lovers.

Outop Nylon Hair Paint Brush Set (12)

Painters are always happy to get a brand new set of brushes. We recommend this top-rated set of light but well made brushes.

List Price: $6.99 USD
Sale Price: $6.99 USD

What should you avoid giving oil painters?

1. The wrong brushes. Not all paint brushes are created equal – some are for watercolor, others are for painting rooms. Make sure it’s an oil paint brush.
2. A painting. Painters have strong opinions about art and it’s best to avoid giving a specific painting unless you know he or she loves the artist.

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