10 Best Turtle-Themed Gift Ideas

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a turtle lover? We sifted through hundreds of ideas to identify ten top-rated picks for fans of these adorable creatures. Whether young or old, we have something for everyone who identifies with turtles.

Have you ever been disappointed when a good cup of tea is nearly gone? With this sweet turtle sitting at the bottom, you’ll be delighted to finish it off. Or perhaps your kids don’t want to finish their milk? Well, here’s the motivation they need. This unique cup is microwavable and dishwasher safe.
$14.99 USD
Turtle lovers unite! Here’s a cozy way to show your appreciation for these cute creatures – and in different colors, too. Perfect as Christmas or birthday gifts, these sweatshirts (50% cotton and 50% polyester) are available in unisex sizing.
$25.90 USD
$26.99 USD
Your turtle lover will get a kick out of this pair of these fun socks, which have reinforced toes and are built to avoid sliding down your leg. Add a pop of color to your casual or semi-formal outfits. Fits shoe sizes 5-10.5 (women).
$8.07 USD
$8.09 USD
Give everyone a smile with this sign that elevates turtles to their rightful place. It’s perfect for the bedroom, office, garage or other creative locations. This sign is rust and fade resistant, made of premium-grade vinyl and durable plastic.
$8.99 USD
$9.99 USD
Add artistic whimsy to your home with this lovely linen cushion cover. The fabric material is durable and made of environment-friendly material. Fits 18”x18” pillows.
$6.99 USD
$6.99 USD
Let these back-lit turtles guide you through the night, preventing you from fumbling around in pitch blackness when you wake up at odd hours. Kids and adults alike will be comforted by the protective influence of these turtles.
$59.00 USD
Re-live memories of those good ol’ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle days. This 100% cotton TMNT tee, which is super soft AND officially licensed.
$9.50 USD
$11.39 USD
A high-quality memento that you can swim with, this shiny sterling silver and opal piece is perfect for turtle fans. Although it’s designed for adult women, it will suit children 8 and over.
$33.99 USD
$33.99 USD
Want an animal friend that literally rocks? This is THE set to get. It lets you create the turtle of your dreams using an appropriately shaped rock and a selection of craft paints. The result of your artistry can stand the test of sun and rain and is durable.
$10.36 USD
$23.00 USD
Turtle shaped cookies for your marine-themed parties? That’s a piece of cake with this US tin-plated steel of a cookie cutter. You can even use this to cut into pancakes, bread, fruits, or cheese. You can also use this as a cake mold – or hang on your Christmas tree once you’re done with the holiday preparations. That’s how versatile this little kitchen wonder is.
$1.89 USD
$5.99 USD